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About DEF

Dachshund Enlightenment Foundation began as an idea among friends. The thought of “Wouldn’t it be great to have a dachshund event in Richmond?” had come up more than once over the years among us local RVA dachshund owners while hanging out in the dog park.  At the time the closest dachshund themed event to our area was the Washington Metro Dachtoberfest held annually in Fredrick, MD. We each had attended and/or participated in the event for years, but always came back to the idea of wanting an event closer to home.
Then came the news in the spring of 2021 that Washington Metro Dachtoberfest Foundation was planning to no longer host Dachtoberfest. The event we all loved was going to end, 2020’s virtual event being the last they would hold. This news was sad and devastating to many of us who looked forward to this fun event.
From sadness came hope. As we all spoke, the old thought of an event in Richmond, VA came back to mind. We asked ourselves if we should try to make it happen. The resounding answer was YES! 
WMDF gave us their blessing to continue the Dachtoberfest event where they left off, but with some changes. 


First and foremost, we would move the event to Richmond, VA. Second, we would create a whole new non-profit organization. Third, our new organization would be focused on dachshund education, dachshund health and dachshund love. Finally, this new organization would work with owners, veterinarians, trainers, breeders and rescues to provide the public with information and resources to educate them on all aspects of the dachshund breed.  

From this Dachshund Enlightenment Foundation was born.

Our Mission

Dachshund Enlightenment Foundation (DEF), 
a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization,
Developing a Dachshund Dialogue of Education, Health, and Love with Responsible Breeders and Reputable Rescues to Create Forever Families.

Board of Directors:
Tanya Ryan – President
Linda Allard – Vice President
Andrew Clarke – Secretary
Jonathan Ryan – Treasurer 

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