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Donations are a vital part of any non-profit organization. Like other non-profits, DEF would not be able to work toward our mission without our donors. There are three types of donations that can help DEF; money, time and items. 


To bring our mission of education, health and love to life, we need your help. Donating through PayPal Giving Fund is a simple way to help DEF. PayPal makes it easy to think of DEF when you shop online or gives the option to make a one time donation.

Click the link to visit PayPal Giving Fund (and click on the heart to make DEF your favorite charity.) Each time you check out with PayPal remember to check “donate $1” located on the bottom of the page. It’s the little things that can add up to a big impact. DEF appreciates all your support now and throughout the year.


DEF would love to have you as a volunteer. Not only are we looking for help for next year’s Dachtoberfest, but we could use your help throughout the year for other events and organizational tasks. Visit our website to learn how to volunteer with us.


DEF is accepting donated items for our raffle baskets, silent auctions, and prizes year round. If you have dachshund or dog items you would like to donate, email us at

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