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Ways to keep your dogs safe and happy during a fireworks display.

Fireworks can be a source of anxiety for so many dogs. Let’s look at some ways we can help our dogs stay calm and, most importantly, safe this Fourth of July.

1. Make sure that your dogs have identification tags on with up-to-date information. Take this opportunity to check that all information is correct. If your dog is chipped, make sure you’ve reported any changes.

2. If you have the ability to exercise your dogs before the evening that might help them be a little calmer. We’ve all seen our dogs sleep after a playdate at the park.

3. Keep your pets indoors during fireworks. We all want our best friends with us, but for their safety keep them inside. Many dogs are reported missing during fireworks because they run away out of fear.

4. Create a safe space for them. Let’s make being inside feel extra safe for them. Close your curtains and turn on some music or television to help with the sound. Have their favorite toys or a special treat available. If they like their crate or have a special bed, this may be the place to set up for them.

5. Some dogs respond well to an anxiety wrap. One example is a thundershirt ( They can also be found locally at PetSmart, Walmart, and other retailers.

6. Medication is an option for many pets during loud sound events. If your dog is anxious, talking with your vet will help you determine if this may be something that might help.

We hope everyone has a safe and happy Fourth of July.

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