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2022 Dachtoberfest
Races & Contests

We are excited to host a variety of competition during Dachtoberfest. For  2022 Dachtoberfest we will have wiener dog races, a six category costume contest, longest doxie and shortest doxie contests and a guess the quantity contest.

To help streamline the registration process, we are offering our attendees the option to pre-register here online for both our wiener dog races and our costume contest. There will also be an opportunity to register in person at the event.

Wiener Dog Races:


Race Entry Fee: $5.00 per Dog
Little Links - Under 2 years old
Bratwurst - Between 2 and 8 years old
Senior Schnitzel - 9 years old and over
Hot Dog Carts - Disabled Dachshunds

1.    Dachshund Races are open to pure bred dachshund and dachshund mixes* only weighing no more than 30 pounds. 
*Note: To qualify as a “Dachshund Mix”, dachshund must be the dominate trait in your dog. Event staff reserve the right to reject a dog for not meeting this requirement. 
2.    Two handlers are required to participate in the races, one at the start and one at the finish.
3.    Both handlers and dogs must be “on deck” and ready to go 10 minutes prior to the assigned heat times.
4.    Only the handler and the dogs running in the current heat will be allowed in the track area.
5.    Owners/Handlers cannot throw, push or in any way give the dogs a head start at the beginning of the race.
6.    Owners/Handlers cannot run up and down the track during the race.
7.    Owners/Handlers cannot reach for the dog over the finish line. The dog must cross the finish line on its own.
8.    The first dog to run COMPLETELY across the track finish line will be winning dog of the heat.
9.    The winning dog of each heat will automatically be entered into the championship race which will be held following the final heat of each category. 
Prizes: Each heat runner will receive a ribbon. Each division winner will receive a trophy and a prize pack.

Costume Contest:

Entry Fee: FREE

Most Creative –original, unique
Most Whimsical – funny, playful, fanciful
Doggie Diva – fancy, elaborate female dog
Dapper Dog – classy stylish male dog
Best Pack – Group – Human/Dog
Judge's Choice - costume creativity can't be categorized

1.    Entrants must sign up by filling out the costume contest form either pre-event online or here on site to participate. 
2.    Entrants will receive a participant number which must be worn so that it is visible to the judges during the contest.
3.    Pets must be leashed at all times.
4.    Entrants must gather at the costume contest area (turf ring in main ballroom) by 10:45AM.
5.    Each costume will be judged for only one of the above categories. 
6.    No entrant is eligible for more than one award.
7.    Judges’ decisions are final.
8.    The six winners (one for each category) will be entered into Grand Champion costume contest.

Prizes:  Each category 1st place winner will receive a trophy and goodie bag. Second place through Fifth place winners will each receive a ribbon. Overall costume grand champion will receive a trophy and prize pack.

Longest & Shortest Doxie Contest:

Sighthound Contest:

Race Entry Fee: FREE

1.    Each dachshund contestant will be measured twice. 
a.    1st measurement will be from tip of nose to base of tail.
b.    2nd measurement will be from tip of nose to tip of tail.
2.    All measurements will be recorded throughout the day. Each contestant will give dog’s name, owner’s name, and a phone number. 
3.    Contest winners will be determined by the 1st measurement figure. In the case of a tie, the 2nd measurement will be used to serve as the time breaking figure. 
4.    Winners will be crowned for the longest dachshund (highest measurement) and shortest dachshund (lowest measurement).
5.    Winners will be announced at 3:30pm during the Dachtoberfest activities.  
6.    Winners do not have to be present to win. If not present, they will be contacted to arrange pick up of their prize.


Contest Fee: $1 PER GUESS
A clear fire hydrant shaped drink dispenser is full of candy.
Guess the correct number of pieces and the hydrant could be yours.

1.    For each guess, the participant must try to guess the number of candies in the fire hydrant.
2.    A person can make as many guesses as they like, but must pay $1 for each guess.
3.    The number submitted that is closest to the actual number without going over, will be deemed the sighthound winner.
4.    The winner will win the fire hydrant drink dispenser and all its contents.

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