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Meet The DEF Board of Directors

Friends, Romans, Dachshunds! Lend me your ears (and snouts and paws)! We’re incredibly excited to start this new adventure, and we think the best way to begin is by introducing the people responsible for bringing this non-profit to life. Without further ado, I introduce to you the Dachshund Enlightenment Foundations Board of Directors!

Tanya Ryan - President

Tanya is a lifelong dog lover that became obsessed with dachshunds when she got her first doxie. She was introduced to dachshunds when she met her husband Jonathan. They currently have two chocolate dapple brothers Ludwig and Wilhelm.

Over the years, she has volunteered and donated to local and national organizations including several dachshund causes and rescues mostly through her presence on Instagram. When she is not taking photos of her boys, she teaches graphic design.

Linda Allard - Vice President

Linda Allard is our vice president, but she and Andrew Clarke are known as the dynamic duo for a reason. Together they have been involved in transporting and fostering rescue dogs for years. When they’re not doing that, Linda is creating matching costumers for herself, Andrew, and their dogs, Ozzie and Bunny, while Andrew (aka The IT Magician) does tech work behind the scenes.

Kath Ruggeri - Secretary

Kath Ruggeri comes from a rural background and had only seen dachshunds in picture books. Now that she's left the farm in favor of the big city, Kath has discovered the joy of wiener-dog love! Kath currently has four mini-dachshunds plus a standard dachshund foster. When she's not caring for her pups, Kath works as a professional technical writer full-time and part-time at the family's doggy daycare facility.

Jonathan Ryan - Treasurer

Jonathan was born into his love for dachshunds. Since he was little, there has always been at least one doxie in the family. Even now, there are several dachshunds within his immediate family, including the two he shares with his wife Tanya. When he is not playing with the dogs, he is a carpenter, project manager and small business owner.

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